Dr. James Stempien

Provincial Head Emergency Medicine, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Clinical Associate Professor University of Saskatchewan

James has been working in Saskatoon as the head of Emergency Medicine since 2007, and has been the interim provincial head since 2016. He completed medical school at the University of Toronto in 1984, and his first job was as a GP anaesthetist in Inuvik in 1986. He then spent the subsequent ten years working in northern Canada and isolated areas around the world. Interested in quality improvement and patient-centered research, as provincial head James is looking towards a provincial approach for quality care and system improvement.


James lives on an acreage just east of Saskatoon with his wife, three children, 20 chickens, and four hives of bees.

Why did I start the Sask Emergency Medicine Collective?


As provincial head, I would like to see a community of front line ER physicians across the province, where, no matter what size of centre we work in, we can all support, teach, and learn from each other.


Further, through the collective, we will strive to be a community that, regardless of which provincial ER patients access, they can expect the same level of expert care supported by ER physicians all across the province.


Finally, by creating a community of ER physicians, we are building expertise, strength, care, and sustainability for each other. And, hopefully, it will be fun for everyone involved!