Dr. Puneet Kapur

Emergency Physician, Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Puneet is an emergency physician in Saskatoon and assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan. He is a graduate of the FRCPC Emergency Medicine program at the University of Saskatchewan and an alumni of the Ultrasound Fellowship at the University of Toronto. Prior to medical school, Puneet was a professional software developer and obtained both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary on an NSERC industrial scholarship. He is equally comfortable writing code as he is running a “code”. 


As his picture demonstrates, he is also a mediocre juggler and children’s entertainer.

Why did I start the Saskatchewan Emergency Medicine Collective? 


Our goal in starting the collective was to ensure that patients seeking emergency medical care receive excellent care, everywhere in Saskatchewan, at any time. To reach this objective meant recognizing that there are large differences in the people, equipment (e.g. CT scanners), and resources available at acute care sites around the province. The creation of the SKEMC website is one step in helping to reduce these disparities by ensuring physicians have access to the same pool of knowledge. In particular, the website is designed to ensure physicians have access to provincial best practices, current evidence, and common protocols to provide consistently exceptional care across the Prairies.